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Hogan’s heroes season 1 :

S01E01 The Informer

1942: A group of Allies await the end of the war in a German prison camp. They are doing everything in their power to end the war as soon as possible. In this episode, a spy has been implanted in the prisoners and Col Hogan finds out quickly.

S01E02 Hold That Tiger

The Germans have developed a new tank called “The Tiger”. With this new weapon, the Germans hope for a shorter war. Hogan steals the tank and takes it to camp. There they take over a part and send blueprints and photos to England.

  • S01E03 Kommandant Of The Year The Germans know that the Allies are not bombing POW camps. That’s why they store a test rocket in Stalag 13. Colonel Klink and Major Hauser have the rocket guarded so closely that the “heroes” cannot get close to them.
  • S01E04 The Late Inspector General The general inspector of Platzstal visits Stalag 13 unexpectedly. Hogan worries that Klink could be sent to the Eastern Front if he gets a poor performance rating. He convinces the German general that Klink is a strict disciplinarian.
  • S01E05 The Flight of the Valkyrie  Hogan helps German Baroness Lili escape from Germany. She had been a spy for the Allies. Know that the Germans are on their heels.
  • S01E06 The Prisoner’s Prisoner A British parachutist failed in his mission to destroy a German ammunition depot. In this episode, Hogan and his men try their luck. However, their plans are interrupted by a German general.
  • S01E07 German Bridge Is Falling DownHogan and his gang steal explosives from the Germans and mount explosives on a truck to demolish a vital bridge.
  • S01E08 Movies Are Your Best Escape Colonel Hogan steals important war plans from a German general. He wants to copy the documents and bring them to England. To get the papers out of the camp, Hogan poses as two British refugees as German filmmakers.
  • S01E09 Go Light on the Heavy Water The German Captain Müller comes to Stalag 13 with a barrel of water in his car. He has the water protected too carefully. Colonel Hogan then becomes suspicious and takes samples. It turns out that the substance is intended for nuclear research.
  • S01E10 Top Hat White Tie and Bomb Sight  Klink has the camp fence electrified. In doing so, he thwarts Hogan’s planned meeting with a spy. Hogan discovers that Klink has hidden bugs in his office. In this way, he wants to provide the commander with false reports.
  • S01E11 Happiness Is a Warm Sergeant A fake dentist appointment makes it possible to organize spare parts for a radio. After getting drunk, Schultz may have been taken to the Russian front. Again, Hogan takes advantage of Colonel Klink’s ignorance.
  • S01E12 The Scientist Hogan allows a scientist and his daughter to escape. LeBeau takes the place of the chemist. The “heroes” simulate a laboratory explosion in which the scientist supposedly dies.
  • S01E13 Hogan’s Hofbrau Hogan often meets Allied agents and informers at the Hildas Hofbräu pub. He regrets it all the more when he hears that Hilda has to close her restaurant. Hogan knows spontaneous advice: He places Carter, Newkirk and LeBeau as new workers for Hilda.
  • S01E14 Oil for the Lamps of Hogan The camp management is planning a plant for the production of synthetic gasoline. Stalag 13 seems to be the right place for this: the Allies would never attack a POW camp. Hogan knows how to thwart the plan with a clever lie.


Hogan’s heroes season 1 : 

  • S01E15 Reservations Are Required Hogan wants to enable twenty men from another camp to escape. In doing so, he puts himself and his family in danger.
  • S01E16 Anchors Aweigh Men Of Stalag 13 Hogan wants to ship an Allied with a new kind of war equipment to England. He actually has a seaworthy ship built for this purpose.
  • S01E17 Happy Birthday Adolf  The Allies want to attack a certain area from the air. Now it’s time to render the defense stationed there harmless without anyone noticing.
  • S01E18 The Gold Rush As spoils of war, gold bars from France make a stopover in the camp. Through a deceptive maneuver, Hogan manages to bring the treasure to safety.
  • S01E19 Hello Zolle Hogan is tasked with stopping a visiting general at the camp so the Allies can operate.
  • S01E20 It Takes a Thief Sometimes Hogan realizes the Gestapo are setting a trap for him. Together with supposed underground fighters he is supposed to blow up a tunnel. However, the other side does not know Hogan’s true identity.
  • S01E21 The Great Impersonation Three of Hogan’s men are captured outside and taken to Stalag 4. They absolutely must be brought out again. Schultz is asked for help.
  • S01E22 The Pizza Parlor The Italian commander of a POW camp is sent to Stalag 13 for training. But the major abhors war and wants to desert on the way.
  • S01E23 The 43rd A Moving Story Hogan’s plan to sabotage a German anti-aircraft battery is severely disrupted by Major Kühn. He has been appointed Deputy Commander. But Hogan knows how to help himself.
  • S01E24 How to Cook a German Goose by Radar  A new prisoner is brought to Stalag 13. At first, Hogan distrusts him. But then he learns that he is supposed to install a radar device for the Allies. Now Hogan is ready to support him.
  • S01E25 Psychic Kommandant Hogan outwits Schultz again. So he learns that the Luftwaffe’s new silent aircraft is to be tested in Stalag 13. The prisoners now make important changes to the plane.
  • S01E26 The Prince From The Phone Company  Hogan urgently needs German money to help 15 refugees stuck in a tunnel. With the help of an African prince, who had to make an emergency landing near the Stalag, he can once again trick his guards.
  • S01E27 The Safecracker Suite A list is kept in a hotel safe. It contains the names of those planning an assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler. Klink fears being mentioned because he is friends with a conspirator. Hogan has to intervene.
  • S01E28 I Look Better In Basic Black Three female prisoners must be helped to escape to England. A deception maneuver should make it possible.
  • S01E29 The Assassin  Nuclear physicist dr. Vanetti is supposed to develop an atomic bomb in Stalag 13. Of course, Hogan and his men want to thwart this work. They decide to kill Vanetti. He confides in Hogan that he wants to flee Germany.
  • S01E30 Cupid Comes To Stalag 13 Dissatisfied with his life, Klink wanders restlessly around the camp at night. With this he prevents Hogan from smuggling a man out of Stalag 13. Only when marriage is in sight does Hogan think he can breathe a sigh of relief.
  • S01E31 The Flame Grows Higher  An American officer’s escape from Stalag 13 is betrayed. Hogan then uncovers two Gestapo agents. He arranges for the two to be arrested by their own people.
  • S01E32 Request Permission to Escape  Prisoner of war Carter gets bad news: his girlfriend has broken up with him. Of course we want to escape from Stalag 13 to win them back. Hogan asks him to do one last job before he can escape.
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