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Hogan’s Heroes Season 4


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Hogan’s Heroes Season 4

Clearance Sale at the Black Market

Season 4 Episode 1:
First Air Date:28 Sep. 1968

Clearance Sale at the Black Market

After witnessing a black market payoff between to German Officers, Sgt Shultz is being transfered to the Russian Front.
Col Hogan anf his crew save him from being transfered , by threatening to expose them.


Klink vs. the Gonculator

Season 4 Episode 2:
First Air Date: 5 Oct. 1968

Klink vs the Gonculator

Hogan and his Heroes create a fake secret device that attracts the attention of Clink and Burkhalter, in order to have them bring in an electronics expert, who wanted Hogan’s help to defect and escape.


How to Catch a Papa Bear

Season 4 Episode 3:
First Air Date: 12 Oct. 1968

How to Catch a Papa Bear

Newkirk gets caught by the Nazis when the Gestopo sets a trap to lure in Col Hogan, aka “Papa Bear”.


Hogan's Trucking Service... We Deliver the Factory to You

Season 4 Episode 4:
First Air Date:19 Oct. 1968

Hogan’s Trucking Service We Deliver the Factory to You

The bumbling , have crazed Col Crittenden arived again, and almost foiled Hogan’s plans, which were to destroy a nearby ball bearing plant.


To the Gestapo with Love

Season 4 Episode 5:
First Air Date:26 Oct. 1968

To the Gestapo With Love

The crew are all interrogated by the very attractive female Gestapo agents, who lure secrets from the prisoners. The Nazi attempt fails  Hogan turns them all against each other.


Man's Best Friend Is Not His Dog

Season 4 Episode 6:
First Air Date: 2 Nov. 1968

Man’s Best Friend Is Not His Dog

A dog is brought into camp by on of the prisoners, and Hogan and his men find themselfs chasing the dog around after the dog buried a bone that carried the negatives of a new German tank.



Never Play Cards with Strangers

Season 4 Episode 7:
First Air Date: 9 Nov. 1968

Never Play Cards With Strangers

Plans to destroy a nearby rocket-fuel plant don’t go as Hogan would like.


Color the Luftwaffe Red

Season 4 Episode 8:
First Air Date: 16 Nov. 1968

Color the Luftwaffe Red

In an attempt to gain a secret map of German fighter deployment locations, Hogan volunteers his crew to paint the new Luftewaffe HQ.


Guess Who Came to Dinner?

Season 4 Episode 9:
First Air Date: 23 Nov. 1968

Guess Who Came to Dinner

After making arrangmentd for a contact to escape and go to London, Hogan decovers that she is a traitor.


No Names Please

Season 4 Episode 10:
First Air Date: 30 Nov. 1968

No Names Please.

After being shot down, and then rescued by Hogan and his crew, a Journalist goes back on his word, and writes an article about Hogan and his operation. He didnt mention names, but is still caught the attention of Major Hockstetter.


Bad Day in Berlin

Season 4 Episode 11:
First Air Date: 7 Dec. 1968

Bad Day in Berlin

An American agent enters Germany and then works with Hogan’s people to get a German officer out of Berlin.


Will the Blue Baron Strike Again?

Season 4 Episode 12:
First Air Date: 14 Dec. 1968

Will the Blue Baron Strike Again

Hogan convinces Klink that he should  throw a party for WW1 Flying Ace “The Blue Baron” so he can find the location of his headquarters.


Will the Real Colonel Klink Please Stand Up Against the Wall?

Season 4 Episode 13:
First Air Date: 21 Dec. 1968
Klink is almost tried for Treason, as he needed an aliby, but Carter, in disguise as Klink, was seen leaving the camp .


Man in a Box

Season 4 Episode 14:
First Air Date: 28 Dec. 1968

Man in a Box

Hogan is hot on the trail of capturing LeBeau, but not too quickly since he has a mission to complete.

The Missing Klink

Season 4 Episode 15:
First Air Date: 4 Jan. 1969

The Missing Klink

Klink was mistakenly held as hostage  by the underground, who thought they had General Burkhalter, who they were going to use for a prisoner swap.


Who Stole My Copy of Mein Kampf?

Season 4 Episode 16:
First Air Date: 11 Jan. 1969

Who Stole My Copy of Mein Kampf

Klink is getting an award from a lovely Allied defector and Hogan plans to get to her first.


Operation Hannibal

Season 4 Episode 17:
First Air Date: 18 Jan. 1969

Operation Hannibal

The Heroes enlist the daughter of a German general to get to photograph his secret plans.


My Favorite Prisoner

Season 4 Episode 18:
First Air Date: 25 Jan. 1969
Hogan provides information to a German baroness that includes phony invasion plans.

Watch the Trains Go By

Season 4 Episode 19:
First Air Date: 1 Feb. 1969

Watch the Trains Go By

By arranging a rendezvous between Klink and Burkhalter’s sister, Hogan can slip out of camp and destroy a train.


Klink's Old Flame

Season 4 Episode 20:
First Air Date: 8 Feb. 1969

Klink’s Old Flame

When one of Klink’s old friends goes on his honeymoon, Hogan uses his car to get some radios to Paris.


Up in Klink's Room

Season 4 Episode 21:
First Air Date: 15 Feb. 1969

Up in Klink’s Room.

Hogan goes to the hospital to get information from a wounded contact.


The Purchasing Plan

Season 4 Episode 22:
First Air Date: 22 Feb. 1969

The Purchasing Plan

Hogan has a touchy mission to deliver ammunition to the underground.

The Witness

Season 4 Episode 23:
First Air Date: 1 Mar. 1969

The Witness.

The Germans are sending Hogan to America demanding surrender along with another surprise.


The Big Dish

Season 4 Episode 24:
First Air Date: 8 Mar. 1969

The Big Dish

Hogan and his crew must destroy an aircraft radar unit that was designed by a British scientist.

Hogan’s Heroes Season 4

The Return of Major Bonacelli

Season 4 Episode 25:
First Air Date: 15 Mar. 1969

The Return of Major Bonacelli

An Italian officer who was trying to escape to Switzerland  helps Hogan photograph a new German anti-aircraft gun, and gives the Allies information.


Happy Birthday, Dear Hogan

Season 4 Episode 26:
First Air Date: 22 Mar. 1969

Happy Birthday Dear Hogan


Hogan’s crew decides to destroy an ammo dump to celebrate his birtday. The plan backfires, and almost closes down the operation.
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