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Hogan’s Heroes Season 5

Hogan Goes Hollywood

Season 5 Episode 1
Original Air Date: 26 Sep. 1969

Hogan Goes Hollywood

Klink turns Stalag 13 into a propaganda film set after a Hollywood movie star turned soldier (played by Alan Oppenheimer) is captured by the Germans. Hogan takes over as director of the film, and has Shultz play the a papart of Col Klink. Hogan uses this as a guise to get the Germans to provide the means to blow up their own Bridge.


The Well

Season 5 Episode 2
Original Air Date: 3 Oct. 1969

The Well.


The Klink Commandos

Season 5 Episode 3
Original Air Date: 10 Oct. 1969

The Klink Commandos

Marya’s latest lover is using her as bait to scoop up her underground contacts. Hogan’s team may have to volunteer for service on the Russian front to keep their operation safe.


The Gasoline War

Season 5 Episode 4
Original Air Date: 17 Oct. 1969

Unfair Exchange

Season 5 Episode5
Original Air Date: 24 Oct. 1969

Unfair Exchange

The team take Gertrude (Kathleen Freeman), General Burkhalters sister hostage in order to rescue an underground operative.


The Kommandant Dies at Dawn

Season 5 Episode 6
Original Air Date: 31 Oct. 1969

The Kommandant Dies at Dawn

Klink spills Luftwaffe secrets at a dinner party and is sentenced to face the firing squad.



Season 5 Episode 7
Original Air Date: 7 Nov. 1969


The already difficult task of sabotaging the new German bombs becomes further complicated when Newkirk is caught with his hands in Klink’s safe.

Note: Some syndicated prints of this episode do not have the laugh track, though the version released on home video includes it.


The Big Picture

Season 5 Episode 8
Original Air Date: 14 Nov. 1969

The Big Picture

The camp budget begins to disappear when a Gestapo major blackmails the kommandant.


The Big Gamble

Season 5 Episode 9
Original Air Date: 21 Nov. 1969

The Big Gamble

When an American bomber crashes outside the gates, the team puts their forgery and card shark skills to work to swap out a vital piece.

The Defector

Season 5 Episode 10
Original Air Date: 28 Nov. 1969

The Defector

Defector Field Marshal Rudolph Richter (Harold J. Stone) panics when the Gestapo comes for him and flees to Stalag 13 days before Hogan is prepared to smuggle him out of Germany.


The Empty Parachute

Season 5 Episode 11
Original Air Date: 5 Dec. 1969

The Empty Parachute

To spook a courier into unchaining a briefcase from his wrist, the team convinces security that there’s a commando somewhere in camp.


The Antique

Season 5 Episode 12
Original Air Date: 12 Dec. 1969

The Antique

With the underground courier network down, the team will have to find a new way to spread information across the continent. Maybe Klink’s new interest in antiques will help.


Is There a Traitor in the House?

Season 5 Episode 13
Original Air Date: 19 Dec. 1969

Is There a Traitor in the House

Newkirk turns traitor on international radio after the team’s wireless breaks before they can send London bombing coordinates..


At Last - Schultz Knows Something

Season 5 Episode 14
Original Air Date: 26 Dec. 1969

At Last Schultz Knows Something

Finding the German’s new atomic research facility is proving to be a challenge, even with Klink as its new head of security.


How's the Weather?

Season 5 Episode 15
Original Air Date: 2 Jan. 1970

How’s the Weather

London’s request for daily wind and weather reports results in the prisoners getting creative in their ways of acquiring and losing balloons.


Get Fit or Go Fight

Season 5 Episode 16
Original Air Date: 9 Jan. 1970

Get Fit or Go Fight 

With escapes in the other stalags reaching a critical level, Burkhalter demands his officers pass a physical or be sentenced to get in shape on the Russian front. Klink doesn’t look capable of passing, unless the prisoners give him a hand.


Fat Hermann, Go Home

Season 5 Episode 17
Original Air Date: 16 Jan. 1970

Fat Hermann Go Home

To retrieve museum pieces the Nazis have been looting, Marya convinces Schultz to play the part of Hermann Göring.


The Softer They Fall

Season 5 Episode 18
Original Air Date: 23 Jan. 1970

The Softer They Fall

The Nazis intend to prove they’re the master race, even if it means cheating their way through a boxing match between Bruno the Stalag guard and Kinchloe.


Gowns by Yvette

Season 5 Episode 19
Original Air Date: 30 Jan. 1970

Gowns by Yvette

Wedding bells are ringing in Hammelburg and Hogan’s anxious to help with the planning if it means he can get in touch with an underground operative.

One Army at a Time

Season 5 Episode                                                                                  20
Original Air Date: 13 Feb. 1970

One Army at a Time

Carter finds himself promoted to corporal in the Wehrmacht after he’s caught in uniform while on a sabotage job.


Standing Room Only

Season 5 Episode 21
Original Air Date: 20 Feb. 1970

Standing Room Only

With fifteen escapees awaiting transfer and a Luftwaffe major threatening to expose Klink’s theft of camp funds, Hogan has his hands full dealing with trouble.


Six Lessons from Madame LaGrange

Season 5 Episode 22
Original Air Date: 27 Feb. 1970

Six Lessons From Madame LaGrange

The prisoners debate fight or flight when they learn a traitor in the underground will soon be revealing their names to Major Hochstetter.

The Sergeant's Analyst

Season 5 Episode 23
Original Air Date: 6 Mar. 1970

The Sergeant’s Analyst

Schultz is headed for the Russian front after Gen. Burkhalter catches him napping in the prisoners’ barracks unless the POWs can hastily convert Schultz into a respectable German soldier.

The Merry Widow

Season 5 Episode 24
Original Air Date: 13 Mar. 1970

The Merry Widow

To deliver information on deactivating landmines to London, Hogan concocts the legend of the merry widow and sends Klink to woo the most tantalizing woman in Germany (Marj Dusay).


Crittendon's Commandos

Season 5 Episode 25
Original Air Date: 20 Mar. 1970

Crittendon’s Commandos

Hogan’s team takes over an abduction job after Crittendon’s commando team is captured. Unfortunately, Crittendon is still at large and eager to help.

Klink's Escape

Season 5 Episode 26
Original Air Date: 27 Mar. 1970

S05E26 Klink’s Escape

Hogan allows Klink to take over the escape planning business when the kommandant decides to locate the underground station assisting escapees.
Last appearance of Sgt. Kinchloe (Ivan Dixon).
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