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Hogan’s Heroes Season 3

Season 3 Episode 1: The Crittendon Plan
Colonel Crittendon, and idiotic British agent, once again gets in the way of Col Hogan and his crew’s efforts to collaborate with another Allied officer by the name of Crittenton.
Some of Their Planes Are Missing
16 Sep. 1967

Season 3 Episode 2: Some of Their Planes Are Missing

The Germans have come up with a plan to send their pilots in, disguised as Royal Airforce pilots flying Fighters, in order to infiltrate and shoot down British bombers.  Hogan and his crew come up with a plan to stop them.

D-Day at Stalag 13

Season 3 Episode 3
23 Sep. 1967

D-Day at Stalag 13

In order to help The Allied invasion of Normandy,Colonel Hogan’s plan  convinces three top Generals that Hitler promoted Col Klink  to General, and Chief of staff.


Sergeant Schultz Meets Mata Hari

Season 3 Episode 4:
30 Sep. 1967

Sergeant Schultz Meets Mata Hari

A female operative from the Gestapo is assigned to find out what she can about what is really going on at Stalag 13, by befriending and attempting to lure secrets from Sgt Shultz.


Funny Thing Happened on the Way to London

Season 3 Episode 5:
7 Oct. 1967

Funny Thing Happened on the Way to London

Hogan realizes that the Germans have captured a friend of his, and had created a double, in a plot to Have the PM of Brittan assassinated.


Casanova Klink

Season 3 Episode 6:
14 Oct. 1967

Cassanova Klink

Once again, General Burkhalter tries to marry off his sister, again this time to  Col Klink.


How to Win Friends and Influence Nazis

Season 3 Episode 7:
21 Oct. 1967

How to Win Friends and Influence Nazis

Colonel Hogan plays cupid to encourage a Swedish Scientist to defect to the allied forces.
Hogan tempts a Swedish scientist to defect.


Nights in Shining Armor

Season 3 Episode 8:
28 Oct. 1967

Nights in Shining Armor

A member of the French resistance was able to sway Col Hogan and his crew into bringing in some bullet proof vests, which they need to get out of the camp, and into France.


Hot Money

Season 3 Episode 9:
4 Nov. 1967

Hot Money

Colonel Hogan discovers that their is a counterfeiting operation going on in Stalag 13, after Sgt Shultz is found spending a stash of it with the prisoners. The Germans have set up a money-counterfeiting operation in the camp, and Hogan and his crew must stop them.

One in Every Crowd

Season 3 Episode 10:
11 Nov. 1967

One in Every Crowd

A traitorous prisoner has information on Hogan, and the underground operation, and plans on se
An American prisoner of war has information on Hogan that he wants to sell to the Germans.

Is General Hammerschlag Burning?

Season 3 Episode 11:
18 Nov. 1967
Kinchloe is assigned to meet up with an old high school crush, who has befriended a General that believes in her psychic ability to contact the dead.

A Russian Is Coming

Season 3 Episode 12:
A Russian pilot was intercepted by the Underground before he was caught by the NAZI’s. Col Hogan plans on sending home to London, but  the Russian was so stubborn that he refused to go. Finally, he gets his wish, to return home to Mother Russia. 

An Evening of Generals

Season 3 Episode 13:
2 Dec. 1967

Evening of the Generals

Hogan and his Heroes are assigned by London to kill a room full of Generals. They decide that a bomb would be best way to do it. The plan was canceled by London at the very last moment, and Hogan and his crew are left with stopping the whole thing from happening.

Everybody Loves a Snowman

Season 3 Episode 14:
9 Dec. 1967

Everybody Loves a Snowman

Hogan orders his men to build a snowman over an underground tunnel to help an already impatient  bomber crew escape. 
 Major Hochstetter was in the camp , which didn’t help matters.

The Hostage

Season 3 Episode 15:
16 Dec. 1967

The Hostage

Another great appearance from Marya, AKA The White Russian.

Carter Turns Traitor

Season 3 Episode 16:
23 Dec. 1967

Carter Turns Traitor

Hogan orders Carter to become a traitor, in order to infiltrate the Germans, in a plot to uncover the location  of a secret chemical plant.

Two Nazis for the Price of One

Season 3 Episode 17:
30 Dec. 1967
A Gestapo officer who knows all about the Stalag 13 operation  attempts to blackmail Hogan to find out about the Manhattan Project, which Colonel Hogan knows nothing about.

Is There a Doctor in the House?

Season 3 Episode 18:
6 Jan. 1968

There a Doctor in the House

Hogan’s plot was almost foiled when Col Klink came down with a bad cold.

Hogan, Go Home

Season 3 Episode 19:
13 Jan. 1968

Hogan Go Home

Col Hogan was happy that the Allied command was bring him back “stateside” when he discovered that the whole operation was being turned over to the idiotic, bumbling Col Crittendon.

Sticky Wicket Newkirk

Season 3 Episode 20:
20 Jan. 1968

Sticky Wicket Newkirk

An agent that Newkirk sneakes into the camp turns out to be an agent from the Gestapo,

War Takes a Holiday

Season 3 Episode 21:
27 Jan. 1968

War Takes a Holiday

Hogan and gang convince the Nazis that the war is over. They wind up releasing all of the prisoners from Stalag 13.

Duel of Honor

Season 3 Episode 22:
3 Feb. 1968

Duel of Honor

Klink is challenged by a NAZI duchebag, and of course Hogans crew help challenge him to a duel.


Axis Annie

Season 3 Episode 23:
10 Feb. 1968

Axis Annie

 Hogan uses Axis Annie, and a German radio propaganda network to get information to the
Using the German propaganda radio network, Hogan gets information to the underground.


What Time Does the Balloon Go Up?

Season 3 Episode 24:
17 Feb. 1968
 an escapee goes  out of Stalag 13 in a makeshift  balloon.


LeBeau and the Little Old Lady

Season 3 Episode 25:
24 Feb. 1968

LeBeau and the Little Old Lady

LeBeau says that he keeps rendezvousing with a little old lady who is actually a young and beautiful Swedish woman..

How to Escape from Prison Camp Without Really Trying

Season 3 Episode 26:
2 Mar. 1968

How to Escape From a Prison Camp Without Really Trying

Hogan has trouble when he was overloaded with trying to get thirty prisoners out of camp at once..

The Collector General

Season 3 Episode 27:
9 Mar. 1968

The Collector General

A very large collection of stolen art from France is brought  to Stalag 13 and Hogan and his gang  steal it back for the Allies.

The Ultimate Weapon

Season 3 Episode 28:
16 Mar. 1968

The Ultimate Weapon

Hogan makes Klink think that Schultz has ESP , and the also convince General Burkhalter, who convinces the AXIS power to move their anti-aircraft defenses.

Monkey Business

Season 3 Episode 29:
23 Mar. 1968

Monkey Business

A chimpanzee that escaped from a zoo assisted Hogan’s Heroes in delivering a radio part to the underground.

Drums Along the Dusseldorf

Season 3 Episode 30:
30 Mar. 1968

Drums Along the Dusseldorf 

Sergent Carter saves the day with his Native American skills, by shooting an arrow into truck carrying an experimental rocket fuel, after all other attempts failed.



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…Still one of my all time favorites !!

Created by Albert S. Ruddy, and Bernard Fein, Hogan’s Heroes was a fictitious comedy, which took place during WW2, in a mock Prisoner of War camp known as “Stalag 13”. The TV series ran for a complete 167 episodes, before being canceled in 1972.
Led by Col Robert Hogan, (played by Bob Crane) A select band of prisoners lead an underground operation that is responsible for helping prisoners from other camps escape NAZI Germany, burning bridges, destroying ammunition factories, and even using high-ranking Germans in their schemes. The manage to do this from there underground headquarters, located right in the middle of a POW camp. They manage to do this by using networks of tunnels, radios, counterfeit German money, explosives, and many other tools of trade.

The majority of the time, Hogan’s Heroes is staged at Stalag 13, A fictitious POW camp, but many times , the characters are running around , outside the camp, and even as far as England on special covert missions. Stalag 13 (Presumably , and loosely based on the movie “Stalag 17”) is located somewhere north of the city Hammelburg, in the Bad Kissinger forest.

Stalag 13, is ran by the German Luftwaffe, and commanded by Colonel Willhelm Klink, and his oaf-like Sargent of the Guards, Sgt. Hans Shultz. Somehow, not only does Col. Hogan, and has band of allies “save the day” in every episode, but also somehow manage to manipulate Col. Klink, Sgt. Shultz, and the German high command.

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Theme from Hogan’s Heroes

Heroes, heroes, husky men of war,
Sons of all the heroes, of the war before.
We’re all heroes up to our ear o’s
You ask questions
We make suggestions
That’s what we’re heroes for.

All good heroes love a good, big fight
Open up the bomb bays and brighten up the night.
We applaud the people who laud us,
You pull the roses,
We punch the noses,
That’s what we’re heroes for.

What’s a hero do?
Well, we’re not gonna tell ya
Cause we wish we knew.
That’s why we heroes are so few.
We’ve got a slogan
From Colonel Hogan
And Colonel Hogan’s a hero too.

Never flinch, boys, never be afraid,
Heroes are not born, boys, heroes are made.
Ask not why, boys, never say die, boys,
Answer the call, remember we’ll all be heroes forever more.


List of Episodes

Season 1 Episode 1:The Informer

This episode was the pilot, and the only episode to be filmed in Black and White. Lt. Carter, (played by actor Larry Hovis),was brought into the series, as a prisoner that had escaped from another POW camp,and was taken in to Stalag 13, to be processed through the underground, by Col. Hogan and his men. In the mean time, a spy was planted by the Germans, and Col. Hogan and his men decide to show him the whole operation, before turning the tables, and making a fool about of him for reporting their activities to Col. Burkhalter.(In the Next episode, Burkhalter was a General).

Season 1 Episode 2:Hold that tiger

Col Klink inadvertantly gives away information that the Germans are developing a new Tank. Col Hogan an his crew steal a tank, take it back to Stalag 13, dis-assemble it, blueprint it , and send the information back to the Allied forces.

Season 1 Episode 3:Kommandant of the Year

Col Hogan and his crew convince Col Klink that he has achieved a High award , and use this distraction to sabotage a local rocket factory.

Season 1 Episode 4:The Late Inspector General

Col Hogan and his crew are planning to demolish a train packed with ammo, and their plans are disrupted by The Luftwaffe’s Inspector General, who plans on sending Col Klink to Berlin.

Season 1 Episode 5:The Flight of the Valkyrie

This is the first episode that introduces Col Crittendon as the very short lived highest ranking POW at Stalag 13. He was moved from another POW camp by Klink, just to put Hogan in his place. In the mean time, Col Hogan and his men help a Baroness escape NAZI controlled Germany.

Season 1 Episode 6:The Prisoner’s Prisoner

Hogan and his men sabotage a very important ammunitions cache, and they also find out the location of a planned attack from a German general.

Season 1 Episode 7:German Bridge is Falling Down

A british ran bomber raid failed, and
Hogan and his crew paint graffiti on an ammunition shed, only to be ordered to paint over it, giving them access to the ammunition being stored there. They of course, use this ammo to complete the failed mission.

Season 1 Episode 8:Movies Are Your Best Escape

A German General visits Stalag 13, and is carrying a briefcase containing secret information. Hogan plans a gourmet dinner held in Col Klink’s private quarters, and Newkirk, as the waiter, steals the briefcase, and photographs it’s contents.

Season 1 Episode 9:Go Light on the Heavy Water

Hogan’s convinces Col Klink that a secret shipment of heavy water that was intended for nuclear experiments is actually water from the Fountain of Youth. Klink drinks it, thinking he is getting younger, and Hogan and his men successfully foil another nazi plan.

Season 1 Episode 10:Top Hat, White Tie and Bomb Sight

Colonel Klink becomes an unknowing pawn in another on of Hogan’s schemes to make contact with an Allied agent.

Season 1 Episode 11:Happiness Is a Warm Sergeant

Things get out of hand when the prisoners sneak in a Texas Pilot, who was shot down.To get parts for a broken radio, Newkirk fiends a tooth infection, so he will be sent to the dentist in town.He returns to camp with Sgt Shultz, in a wheel barrel, and drunk as a skunk.This almost gets Sgt Shultz sent to the Eastern Front.

Season 1 Episode 12:The Scientist

Corperal LeBeau pretends to be a famous French Scientist, while Hogan and his underground smuggles the the real scientist out of Germany , and into England.

Season 1 Episode 13:Hogan’s Hofbrau

To get the details and location of a nearby German army unit, Hogan leaves camp to meet informants at a local German hofbrau.

Season 1 Episode 14:Oil for the Lamps of Hogan

Hogan and his men convince Klink that Stalag 13 is sitting over a large ammount of petrolium, to avoid the stalag from being closed, and used for other purposes.

Season 1 Episode 15:Reservations Are Required

The Hogan’s Heroes crew are faced with an unexpected visit from 20 escapees from another camp, and have to deal with an “over anxious to escape” prisoner who disobeys the orders of Col. Hogan.

Season 1 Episode 16:Anchors Aweigh, Men of Stalag 13

Hogan convinces Col. Klink that he needs an officers club. His men build the officers club, in , not only the shape of the boat, but a real functioning boat. He then gets one of his men to convince Col Klink to have it removed before General Burkhalter sees it, so they can use it in a scheme to get a British officer, and a gunsite to England.

Season 1 Episode 17:Happy Birthday, Adolf

Hogan and his crew sabotage a gun emplacement site, so the Allies can attack on Hitler’s birthday.

Season 1 Episode 18:The Gold Rush

When they hear that gold had been stolen from France, Col. Hogan convinces Klink to have the Germans store the gold at Stalag 13. Hogan and his crew then exchange the gold bricks with painted clay bricks, and use the painted gold bricks to make a staircase in front of Col. Klinks quarters.

Season 1 Episode 19:Hello, Zollie

Hogan detains a German general at Stalag 13 for overnight, long enough to allow the Allies to amass troops. The Plot thickens when a Gestapo officer comes poking his nose into Klink’s perfect record.

Season 1 Episode 20:It Takes a Thief… Sometimes

A group of fake underground operatives that Hogan’s crew team up with is turn out to be a group led by a Gestapo captain and his Honeypot scheme. Col hogan reverses the charges by having the captain unwittingly pick up a phone that is wired to blow up a train.

Season 1 Episode 21:The Great Impersonation

Col Hogan blackmails Sgt Schultz into portraying Col Klink, so that three of his men that were captured by the Gestapo would be released.

Season 1 Episode 22:The Pizza Parlor

Col. Hogan and his men woo an Italian officer (who was defecting) by cooking pizza, and convince him to take pictures of top secret german military munition.

Season 1 Episode 23:The 43rd, a Moving Story

Col Hogan got an order from London to take out the 43rd Moblie Anti-Aircraft battery using explosives smuggled in.

Season 1 Episode 24:How to Cook a German Goose by Radar

An American corporal, with a bad attitude, tells Hogan he is a general in disguise with a mission to bomb a rocket plant.(Correction comming soon).

Season 1 Episode 25:Psychic Kommandant

Hogan and his men convince Ciol Klink that he has ESP in order to steal the plans to a new type of airplane that has a stealth engine.

Season 1 Episode 26:The Prince from the Phone Company

Hogan’s Heroes Season 2

  • Hogan Gives a Birthday Party
  • The Schultz Brigade
  • Diamonds in the Rough
  • Operation Briefcase
  • The Battle of Stalag 13
  • The Rise and Fall of Sergeant Schultz
  • Hogan Springs
  • A Klink, A Bomb and a Short Fuse
  • Tanks for the Memory
  • A Tiger Hunt in Paris, Part 1
  • A Tiger Hunt in Paris, Part 2
  • Will the Real Adolf Please Stand Up?
  • Don’t Forget to Write
  • Klink’s Rocket
  • Information Please
  • Art for Hogan’s Sake
  • The General Swap
  • The Great Brinksmeyer Robbery
  • Praise the Führer and Pass the Ammunition
  • Hogan and the Lady Doctor
  • The Swing Shift
  • Heil Klink
  • Everyone Has a Brother-in-Law
  • Killer Klink
  • Reverend Kommandant Klink
  • The Most Escape-Proof Camp I’ve Ever Escaped From
  • The Tower
  • Colonel Klink’s Secret Weapon
  • Top Secret Top Coat
  • The Reluctant Target
  • Season 3
    • The Crittendon Plan
    • Some of Their Planes Are Missing
    • D-Day at Stalag 13
    • Sergeant Schultz Meets Mata Hari
    • Funny Thing Happened on the Way to London
    • Casanova Klink
    • How to Win Friends and Influence Nazis
    • Nights in Shining Armor
    • Hot Money
    • One in Every Crowd
    • Is General Hammerschlag Burning?
    • A Russian Is Coming
    • An Evening of Generals
    • Everybody Loves a Snowman
    • The Hostage
    • Carter Turns Traitor
    • Two Nazis for the Price of One
    • Is There a Doctor in the House?
    • Hogan, Go Home
    • Sticky Wicket Newkirk
    • War Takes a Holiday
    • Duel of Honor
    • Axis Annie
    • What Time Does the Balloon Go Up?
    • LeBeau and the Little Old Lady
    • How to Escape from a Prison Camp Without Even Trying
    • The Collector General
    • The Ultimate Weapon
    • Monkey Business
    • Drums Along the Dusseldorf
  • Season 4
    • Clearance Sale at the Black Market
    • Klink vs. The Gonculator
    • How to Catch a Papa Bear
    • Hogan’s Trucking Service … We Deliver the Factory to You
    • To the Gestapo with Love
    • Man’s Best Friend Is Not His Dog
    • Never Play Cards With Strangers
    • Color the Luftwaffe Red
    • Guess Who Came To Dinner
    • No Names Please
    • Bad Day in Berlin
    • Will the Blue Baron Strike Again?
    • Will the Real Colonel Klink Please Stand Up Against the Wall?
    • Man in a Box
    • The Missing Klink
    • Who Stole My Copy of Mein Kampf?
    • Operation Hannibal
    • My Favorite Prisoner
    • Watch the Trains Go By
  • Klink’s Old Flame
  • Up In Klink’s Room
  • The Purchasing Plan
  • The Witness
  • The Big Dish
  • The Return of Major Bonacelli
  • Happy Birthday, Dear Hogan

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