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Hogan’s Heroes Season 5 (1969–70)


Watch Now Episode in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date  
Link 1 “Hogan Goes Hollywood” Edward H. Feldman S : Tony Thomas;
T : Richard M. Powell
September 26, 1969  
Klink turns Stalag 13 into a propaganda film set after a Hollywood movie star turned soldier (played by Alan Oppenheimer) is captured by the Germans. Hogan takes over as director of the film, and has Shultz play the a papart of Col Klink. Hogan uses this as a guise to get the Germans to provide the means to blow up their own Bridge.
Link 2 “The Well” Bruce Bilson Laurence Marks October 3, 1969  
The German’s new code book was stoloen by Newkirk.When Klink orders Hogan and his men to be searched, the book ends up at the bottom of the well, and Carter has to go swimming to retrieve it.
Link 3 “The Klink Commandos” Edward H. Feldman Richard M. Powell October 10, 1969  
Marya’s latest lover is using her as bait to scoop up her underground contacts. Hogan’s team may have to volunteer for service on the Russian front to keep their operation safe.
Link 4 “The Gasoline War” Richard Kinon Laurence Marks October 17, 1969  
When a gas station is installed at Stalag 13, the prisoners must find a way to sabotage the war effort without revealing their home base.
Link 5 “Unfair Exchange” Richard Kinon Laurence Marks October 24, 1969  
The team take Gertrude (Kathleen Freeman) hostage in order to rescue an underground operative.
Link 6 “The Kommandant Dies at Dawn” Richard Kinon Arthur Julian October 31, 1969  
Klink spills Luftwaffe secrets at a dinner party and is sentenced to face the firing squad.
Link 7 “Bombsight” Richard Kinon R.S. Allen,
Harvey Bullock
November 7, 1969  
The already difficult task of sabotaging the new German bombs becomes further complicated when Newkirk is caught with his hands in Klink’s safe.

Note: Some syndicated prints of this episode do not have the laugh track, though the version released on home video includes it.

Link 8 “The Big Picture” Bruce Bilson Laurence Marks November 14, 1969  
The camp budget begins to disappear when a Gestapo major blackmails the kommandant.
Link 9 “The Big Gamble”   Laurence Marks November 21, 1969  
When an American bomber crashes outside the gates, the team puts their forgery and card shark skills to work to swap out a vital piece.
Link 10 “The Defector”   Laurence Marks November 28, 1969  
Defector Field Marshal Rudolph Richter (Harold J. Stone) panics when the Gestapo comes for him and flees to Stalag 13 days before Hogan is prepared to smuggle him out of Germany.
Link 11 “The Empty Parachute” Marc Daniels Phil Sharp December 5, 1969  
To spook a courier into unchaining a briefcase from his wrist, the team convinces security that there’s a commando somewhere in camp.
Link 12 “The Antique” Bruce Bilson Arthur Julian December 12, 1969  
With the underground courier network down, the team will have to find a new way to spread information across the continent. Maybe Klink’s new interest in antiques will help.
Link 13 “Is There a Traitor in the House?” Marc Daniels Arthur Julian December 19, 1969  
Newkirk turns traitor on international radio after the team’s wireless breaks before they can send London bombing coordinates.
Link 14 “At Last—Schultz Knows Something” Bruce Bilson Laurence Marks December 26, 1969  
Finding the German’s new atomic research facility is proving to be a challenge, even with Klink as its new head of security.
Link 15 “How’s the Weather?” Marc Daniels R.S. Allen,
Harvey Bullock
January 2, 1970  
London’s request for daily wind and weather reports results in the prisoners getting creative in their ways of acquiring and losing balloons.
Link 16 “Get Fit or Go Fight” Jerry London Bill Davenport January 9, 1970  
With escapes in the other stalags reaching a critical level, Burkhalter demands his officers pass a physical or be sentenced to get in shape on the Russian front. Klink doesn’t look capable of passing, unless the prisoners give him a hand.
Link 17 “Fat Hermann, Go Home” Edward H. Feldman Richard M. Powell January 16, 1970  
To retrieve museum pieces the Nazis have been looting, Marya convinces Schultz to play the part of Hermann Göring.
Link 18 “The Softer They Fall” Richard Kinon Laurence Marks January 23, 1970  
The Nazis intend to prove they’re the master race, even if it means cheating their way through a boxing match between Bruno the Stalag guard and Kinchloe.
Link 19 “Gowns by Yvette” Bruce Bilson Arthur Julian January 30, 1970  
Wedding bells are ringing in Hammelburg and Hogan’s anxious to help with the planning if it means he can get in touch with an underground operative.
Link 20 “One Army at a Time” Edward H. Feldman Laurence Marks February 13, 1970  
Carter finds himself promoted to corporal in the Wehrmacht after he’s caught in uniform while on a sabotage job.
Link 21 “Standing Room Only” Jerry London Laurence Marks February 20, 1970  
With fifteen escapees awaiting transfer and a Luftwaffe major threatening to expose Klink’s theft of camp funds, Hogan has his hands full dealing with trouble.
Link 22 “Six Lessons from Madame LaGrange” Jerry London Arthur Julian February 27, 1970  
The prisoners debate fight or flight when they learn a traitor in the underground will soon be revealing their names to Major Hochstetter.
Link 23 “The Sergeant’s Analyst” Bruce Bilson Bill Davenport March 6, 1970  
Schultz is headed for the Russian front after Gen. Burkhalter catches him napping in the prisoners’ barracks unless the POWs can hastily convert Schultz into a respectable German soldier.
Link 24 “The Merry Widow” Edward H. Feldman Harvey Bullock,
R.S. Allen
March 13, 1970  
To deliver information on deactivating landmines to London, Hogan concocts the legend of the merry widow and sends Klink to woo the most tantalizing woman in Germany (Marj Dusay).
Link 25 “Crittendon’s Commandos” Edward H. Feldman Bill Davenport March 20, 1970  
Hogan’s team takes over an abduction job after Crittendon’s commando team is captured. Unfortunately, Crittendon is still at large and eager to help.
Link 26 “Klink’s Escape” Bruce Bilson Harvey Bullock,
R.S. Allen
March 27, 1970  
Hogan allows Klink to take over the escape planning business when the kommandant decides to locate the underground station assisting escapees.
Last appearance of Sgt. Kinchloe (Ivan Dixon).

Season 6 (1970–71)

No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date  
Link 1 “Cuisine à la Stalag 13” Jerry London Laurence Marks September 20, 1970  
Gen. de Gaulle’s call-to-arms inspires LeBeau to leave his current post and return to service in the Free French Army.
First appearance of Sgt. Baker (Kenneth Washington).
Link 2 “The Experts” Marc Daniels Laurence Marks September 27, 1970  
After the Gestapo murders a Stalag 13 guard, the team rushes to the rescue of his research partner before another man can be killed. (Note: This episode dramatizes the show’s only killing).
Link 3 “Klink’s Masterpiece” Richard Kinon Phil Sharp October 4, 1970  
To smuggle maps out of camp, Hogan encourages Klink to feed his artistic side.
Link 4 “Lady Chitterly’s Lover: Part 1” Edward H. Feldman Richard M. Powell October 11, 1970  
When Lord Chitterly arrives in Germany to negotiate the surrender of England, Hogan will have to rely on Crittendon to perform a decent acting job for once.
Link 5 “Lady Chitterly’s Lover: Part 2” Edward H. Feldman Richard M. Powell October 18, 1970  
Hogan may not trust Lady Chitterly (Anne Rogers), but he’ll have to follow her plan or else both he and Crittendon are in a world of trouble.
Link 6 “The Gestapo Takeover” Irving J. Moore Laurence Marks October 25, 1970  
Hogan resorts to blackmail after the Gestapo begin a takeover of the Luftwaffe Stalags.
Link 7 “Kommandant Schultz” Marc Daniels Laurence Marks November 1, 1970  
Absolute power corrupts instantly when Schultz is given full command of Stalag 13.
Link 8 “Eight O’Clock and All Is Well” Richard Kinon Laurence Marks November 8, 1970  
New prisoner Captain Martin (Monte Markham) seems legit, but with the Gestapo sniffing around the colonel isn’t taking chances—especially with an ammunition train in need of destroying.
Link 9 “The Big Record” Richard Kinon R.S. Allen,
Harvey Bullock
November 15, 1970  
The team is forced to get creative when heightened security won’t let them anywhere near a top secret meeting going on in the rec hall.
Link 10 “It’s Dynamite
Bob Sweeney Laurence Marks November 22, 1970  
The dynamite the Gestapo is storing in the cooler is making everyone uneasy. To further alarm the POWs, the dynamite trucks leaving camp seem to be mysteriously disappearing.
Link 11 “Operation Tiger” Jerry London Laurence Marks November 29, 1970  
London declares rescuing Tiger from the Gestapo to be too dangerous a task to perform, but Hogan is willing to disobey orders when it involves someone he loves.
Link 12 “The Big Broadcast” Jerry London Bill Davenport    
With Hochstetter monitoring radio transmissions in the area, the team will have to find a way to make their setup portable to safely broadcast a bombing location.
Link 13 “The Gypsy” Richard Kinon Harvey Bullock,
R.S. Allen
December 13, 1970  
After being struck by lightning, LeBeau begins making increasingly amazing predictions about Col. Klink’s future glory.
Link 14 “The Dropouts” Marc Daniels Laurence Marks December 27, 1970  
Carter slips up and speaks English while on a sabotage job, leading two scientists and a Gestapo agent straight to Stalag 13.
Link 15 “Easy Come, Easy Go” Edward H. Feldman Laurence Marks January 10, 1971  
Burkhalter offers Hogan one million dollars to go to England and steal a P-51 fighter for the Nazis.
Link 16 “The Meister Spy” Bruce Bilson R.S. Allen,
Harvey Bullock
January 17, 1971  
Major Martin, AKA Hans Strausser (Alan Bergmann), believes the hard part of his information gathering in London is over when he arrives safely in Stalag 13. But with Hogan out to learn what he knows, his troubles are just beginning.
Link 17 “That’s No Lady, That’s My Spy” Jerry London Arthur Julian January 24, 1971  
Newkirk does some creative cross-dressing to deliver life-saving medicine to a wounded underground agent. Alice Ghostley guest stars as Mrs. Mannheim.
Link 18 “To Russia Without Love” Bruce Bilson Arthur Julian January 31, 1971  
Kommandant Becker (H.M. Wynant) of the Eastern front wants a transfer to a warmer assignment. He’s willing to trade Hogan battle plans for Stalag 13. Now Hogan just has to convince Klink that Russia is where he wants to be.
Link 19 “Klink for the Defense” Jerry London Bill Davenport February 7, 1971  
Luftwaffe Col. Hauptmann (Sandy Kenyon) is on trial for his life and with Klink as his defender, he’s doomed to die unless the prisoners can fabricate some evidence.
Link 20 “The Kamikazes Are Coming” Edward H. Feldman Richard M. Powell February 21, 1971  
Marya convinces Hogan to defect to the Nazis in order to get access to a new rocket.
Link 21 “Kommandant Gertrude” Bruce Bilson Laurence Marks February 28, 1971  
Gertrude’s fiancé (Lee Bergere) is assigned as Klink’s new executive. He’s a pushover, but the woman behind the throne is smart enough to turn Stalag 13 into a real prison.
Link 22 “Hogan’s Double Life” Bruce Bilson Phil Sharp March 7, 1971  
His search for the Hammelburg sabotage leader leads Gestapo major Pruhst (Malachi Throne) to Stalag 13 and Col. Hogan is in the crosshairs unless he can find a plausible alternative suspect.
Link 23 “Look at the Pretty Snowflakes” Irving J. Moore Arthur Julian March 21, 1971  
An avalanche hangs over the pass near Hammelburg in the perfect position to halt a Panzer division. Hogan’s team would love to do a little noise-making, if a particularly nasty general didn’t have them in chains.
Link 24 “Rockets or Romance” Marc Daniels Arthur Julian April 4, 1971  
Three mobile rocket launchers are aimed at London and awaiting detonation, or destruction. With radio detection trucks patrolling the area and one rocket sitting inside Stalag 13, directing the Allied bombers could turn into a suicide mission. Timeline: Klink tells Hogan the Germans will stop the Allies from capturing Munich, which was captured in March 1945.

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