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So, I have decided to add this movie, Stalag 17, even though it is not related to Hogan’s Heroes, except for the Lawsuit against the creators of Hogan’s Heroes, claiming Hogan’s Heroes was plagiarizing Stalag 17. The lawsuit was dismissed, as the ruling was in favor of the producers of Hogan’s Heroes, saying that there were not enough similarities between the show, and the movie.

While Stalag 17 is definatally not a comedy like Hogan’s Heroes, there were, in my opinion, quite a few similarities such as 1) The Commandant of Stalag 17 quoted “No one ever escapes from Stalag 17”. Col Klink, Commandant of Stalag 13 , in Hogan’s Heroes had his famous catchphrase, “No one ever escapes from Stalag 13. Coincidence? Hmmm. Maybe. Was it a coincidence the the burly guard starring in both Hogan’s Heroes and the movie was named Sgt Shultz? The first episode of Hogan’s Heroes, “The Informer” was about a spy being slipped in with the prisoners, which was the same theme of the movie “Stalag 17”. The major differences being that the movie was not a comedy like Hogan’s Heroes, but a pretty serious movie about prisoners trying to escape while there is a spy planted within their ranks. I think that this movie took a real serious look at life in a German POW camp. I really enjoyed watching this movie, and I think you will too! Please leave your opinions in the comments area below.

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