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Hogan’s Heroes Season 2

Season 2 Episode 1
Original release: 16 Sep. 1966

 Hogan Gives a Birthday Party

Hogan talks Klink into creating a study  that compares German pilots to Allied pilots, in hopes to steal a plane and bomb a munitions factory.instead he is confrunted with a German general familiar with Col Hogan’s style.

The Schultz Brigade

Season 2 Episode 2
Original release: 23 Sep. 1966

The Schultz Brigade

Col Klink is sucked into joining with two other Commandants who are plotting against General Burkhalter. He finds out, but Col Hogan steps in to save Col Klink from the firing squad.

Diamonds in the Rough

Season 2 Episode 3
Original release: 30 Sep. 1966

 Diamonds in the Rough

Hogan is blackmailed by a german who knows all about their secret underground operation, He must come up with a million dollars worth of diamonds.

Operation Briefcase

Season 2 Episode 4
Original release: 7 Oct. 1966

Operation Briefcase

Hogan and gang help a German officer with a plot to blow up Hitler, but the attempt is almost foiled when Sgt Shultz activates the bomb.

The Battle of Stalag 13

Season 2 Episode 5
Original release: 14 Oct. 1966

The Battle of Stalag 13

 Klink finds himself caught between the Gestapo and the Wehrmacht, each trying to take over Stalag 13, but again, Col Hogan comes to the rescue .

The Rise and Fall of Sergeant Schultz

Season 2 Episode 6
Original release: 21 Oct. 1966

The Rise and Fall of Sergeant Schultz

Power goes to Sgt. Shultz’s head when a General who faught along side him in WW1 recognizes Shultz and gives him special priveledges .

Hogan Springs

Season 2 Episode 7
Original release: 28 Oct. 1966

Hogan’s Springs

Hogan convinces Col Klink to allow the prisoners to create a healt spa, after Hogan makes him beleive that a busted pipe was actually mineral mater from a spring.

A Klink, a Bomb and a Short Fuse

Season 2 Episode 8
Original release:4 Nov. 1966

A Klink a Bomb and a Short Fuse

The gang steal a codebook from Klink’s safe, which they took pictures of the contents. in the mean time Carter screwed things up royally when he forgot to put film in the camera.

Tanks for the Memory

Season 2 Episode 9
Original release:11 Nov. 1966

Tanks for the Memory.

Newkirk descovers a mini remote controlled tank, which is eventually tested at Stalag 13.

A Tiger Hunt in Paris: Part 1

Season 2 Episode 10
Original release:18 Nov. 1966

The Tiger Hunt 1

Col Hogan and LeBeau Stow away to Paris in Col Klinks car to rescue  a capured female undergroung agent with the nickname “Tiger”.

A Tiger Hunt in Paris: Part 2

Season 2 Episode 11
Original release: 25 Nov. 1966

The Tiger Hunt 2

Hogan seeks help from a fortune teller and a Chief Heinrich Himmler immitator on his continuing mission to free the underground agent known as “Tiger”.

Will the Real Adolf Please Stand Up?

Season 2 Episode 12
Original release: 2 Dec. 1966

Will the Real Adolf Please Stand Up?

Carter’s convincing  impersionation of Adolf Hitler allowed him to sneak out of camp 13, and smuggle out top secret plans,


Don't Forget to Write

Season 2 Episode 13
Original release: 9 Dec. 1966

Don’t Forget to Write

The gang at Stalag 13 do all they can to help Klink fail a physical, but he still winds up being assigned to the Russion Front. Hogan and his men step in once again to stop him from being sent to combat duty.

Klink's Rocket

Season 2 Episode 14
Original release: 16 Dec. 1966

Klink’s Rocket

Col Hogan’s plan to thwart Nazi bombing attempts on London were all depending on Carter to remember the name of a town where the fake rocket factory was, to lure the Luffwafte where Allied planes were waiting. Of Course Carter couldnt remember, and Col Hogan, again, saves the day.

Information Please

Season 2 Episode 15
Original release: 23 Dec. 1966

Information Please

As always, high officials such as General  Burkhalter and Maj. Hochstetter suspect that there is more going on at Camp 13 than what meets the eye. Gen. Burkhalter plants false information, and Hogan takes the bate. Just like s1e1, a spy is planted amongst the prisoners, and it dont take the crew very long to figure out who that spy is.

Hogan’s Heroes Season 2


Art for Hogan's Sake

Season 2 Episode 16
Original release: 30 Dec. 1966

Art for Hogan’s Sake

LeBoeau became angry when many of the artworks were stolen from his countries museums. In the mean time General Burkhalter was in charge of “The Fife Player” , a piece of artwork painted by Édouard Manet, a French painter and artist. Burlhalter was going to give it to Hermann Goering as a gift on his birthday.

The General Swap

Season 2 Episode 17
Original release: 6 Jan. 1967

The General Swap

Col Hogan is assigned to assist an arrogant American General escape, with a “prisoner swap” program.

The Great Brinksmeyer Robbery

Season 2 Episode 18
Original release: 13 Jan. 1967
Col Klink, while in Barracks 2, lights something and throws it in the fireplace where Newkirk had stashed German money needed to buy a secret map from a double agent.  The money is torched so Hogan and crew bust through the back wall of a local bank.

Praise the Fuhrer and Pass the Ammunition

Season 2 Episode 19
Original release: 20 Jan. 1967

Praise the Fuehrer and Pass the Ammunition

Hogan and his crew replace blank ammo with the real think that was to be used in nearby German war games.
They use Col Klink’s birthday as a diversionary tactic.

Hogan and the Lady Doctor

Season 2 Episode 20
Original release: 27 Jan. 1967

Hogan and the Lady Doctor

A female scientist overrides Col Hogan’s plasns, and allows herself to be caught by the Germans,in order to destroy a synthetic fuel plant.

The Swing Shift

Season 2 Episode 21
Original release: 3 Feb. 1967

The Swing Shift

Newkirk gets drafted by the Germans because he was using an assumed ID , whil him , Hogan and the rest are working as Germans in a cannon factory, which they plan on blowing up.

Heil Klink

Season 2 Episode 22
Original release: 10 Feb. 1967

Heil Klink

Hogan and his crafty crew convince Klink that a defector is Adolph Hitler in disquise, and is trying to avoid death threats being made from within the ranks, by hiding out at Stalag 13.

Everyone Has a Brother-in-Law

Season 2 Episode23
Original release: 17 Feb. 1967

Everyone Has a Brother-In-Law

General Burkhalters brother-in-law is assigned to work at Stalag 13, and enjoys harrassing prisoners.

Killer Klink

Season 2 Episode 24
Original release: 24 Feb. 1967

Killer Klink

Col Hogan convinces camp Commandant Klink that Sgt. Shults is dying from premature old age.

Reverend Kommandant Klink

Season 2 Episode 25
Original release: 3 Mar. 1967

Reverend Kommandant Klink

Col Klink inadvertantly performs the wedding Ceremony for a french prisoner and his fiancee.

The Most Escape-Proof Camp I've Ever Escaped From

Season 2 Episode 26
Original release: 10 Mar. 1967

The Most Escape-Proof Prison Camp I’ve Ever Escaped From

A master of escape artist is transfered to Stalag 13, and almost blows Hogan’s operation .

The Tower

Season 2 Episode 27
Original release: 17 Mar. 1967

The Tower

 an attractive agent is enlisted to blackmail Gen. Burkhalter so that Col Klink won’t be punished for the destruction of a nearby radio tower.

Colonel Klink's Secret Weapon

Season 2 Episode 28
Original release: 24 Mar. 1967

Colonel Klink’s Secret Weapon

Col Klink transferes in an overly strict seargent who makes life miserable for both prisoners and staff.

The Top Secret Top Coat

Season 2 Episode 29
Original release: 31 Mar. 1967

The Top Secret Top Coat

Col Hogan attends a Baron’s party disguised as Col Klink, since noone knows what Klink looks like, General  Burkhalter gets involved when he learns that Col Klink’s nameis at the very top of the guest list.


The Reluctant Target

Season 2 Episode 30
Original release: 7 Apr. 1967

The Reluctant Target

Hogan acts like a decoy cammandant after convincing Col Klink thatsomeone is trying to kill him.
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