Hogan’s Heroes Season 1 Episode 3: Kommandant of the Year

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In This Episode, Kommandant of the Year, Col Hogan and his crew convince Col Klink that he has achieved a High award from the Nazi regime, and use this distraction to sabotage a local rocket factory.

Kommandant of the Year begins with a Germam staff car and a motorcycle entering Stalag 13, along with a truck, carrying a V shaped rocket.. The heroes, as they hear Schultz tell Carter that he shouldn’t be out of the barracks after roll call, else he’ll be shot, are told by him that none of them will be allowed outside. Carter then tells the others about the rocket laden truck inside the compound. Their curiosity piqued, Hogan and his men, after Schultz leaves, goes to the sink and then Hogan starts to look through the sink periscope, soon looking over the truck. As they look at it and the guards, LeBeau asks why it is in the camp. He is told by Hogan and Newkirk that by being there it would keep the Allies from destroying it, since such an attack would kill the prisoners. Carter’s idea of them contacting London and ordering a bombing raid on the camp in order to destroy the rocket, after finding out how important it is, is very strongly rejected by Hogan and the others, as it would end up in also killing them.

Hogan and his men then go to his office and then try to listen in on the coffee pot listening device to find out what is going on. But they can barely hear the conversation that is taking place inside Klink’s office between Klink and Major Hauser, as it seems that someone has recently used the pot to make coffee. What they are able to hear is that Major Hauser tells Colonel Klink that while he and his men are in the camp with the rocket, he is to have Klink’s full cooperation, via orders from General Burkhalter, to protect the rocket before they finally take it over to its launch site on the French coast two days later and aim it at England. Hauser also tells Klink that the rocket contains very volatile material and that he would give Klink a very favorable mention for his cooperation when he makes his report, which makes Klink happy.
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