Hogan’s Heroes Season 1 Episode 3: Kommandant of the Year

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In this episode,”Kommandant of the Year”, Col Hogan and his crew convince Col Klink that he has achieved a High award , and use this guise as distraction to sabotage a local rocket factory.
At the beginning, a staff car and a motorcycle enters the camp, along with a truck, which is already parked inside the compound, that is carrying new V-weapon rocket. Sgt Carter then tells the others about the rocket laden truck inside the compound. after Sgt Schultz leaves, Hogan looks through the sink periscope, soon looking over the truck. As they look at it and the guards, LeBeau asks why it is in the camp. He is told by Hogan and Newkirk that by being there it would keep the Allies from destroying it, since such an attack would kill the prisoners. Carter’s idea of them contacting London and ordering a bombing raid on the camp in order to destroy the rocket, after finding out how important it is, is very strongly rejected by Hogan and the others, as it would end up in also killing them. Read more about Kommandant of the Year Here

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