Hogan’s Heroes Season 1 Episode 2: Hold that Tiger

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Hold that Tiger originally airdated September 24, 1965
In this episode , Hold that Tiger, Colonel Klink brags to Col Hogan andin front of his men during an evening roll call. Klink points out that Germany is developing some new and very powerful weapons, including the new German Tiger tank,in which he claims would help to shorten the war and lead to a quick and complete German victory. After the roll call is finished, Col Hogan asks Oberst Klink if the tanks of the Panzer Division that Klink had mentioned are west of the camp. Col Klink tells him no, and Hogan goes into his barracks. Klink’s boast leads Hogan and his men to come up with an elaborate scheme so they can get their hands on one of the Tiger tanks, from which they would make blueprints to send to London. Eventually, Hogan comes up with a plan, and hogan and his men steal a Tiger Tank. Read more about Hold that Tiger.

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