Hogan’s Heroes Season 1 Episode 1:The Informer

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The Informer original aired September 17, 1965, and was the pilot, and the only episode to be filmed in Black and White. Lt. Carter, (played by actor Larry Hovis),was brought into the series, as a prisoner that had escaped from another POW camp,and was taken in to Stalag 13, to be processed through the underground, by Col. Hogan and his men. In the mean time, a spy was planted by the Nazis, and Col. Hogan and his men decide to show him the whole operation, before turning the tables, and making a fool about of him for reporting their activities to Col. Burkhalter. (In “The Informer”, Burkhalter was a Colonel, but in later episodes he was a General.) Read more about the Informer.

This episode also starred Leonid Kinskey as Sergeant Vladimir Minsk who never appeared again in the show.

Written by: Richard M. Powell, Bernard Fein & Albert S. Ruddy
Directed by: Robert Butler
Produced by: Edward H. Feldman & Bernard Fein

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