Hogan’s Heroes Season 1 Episode 11: Happiness Is a Warm Sergeant

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In this episode, Happiness Is a Warm Sergeant, The Heroes sneak in a Texas AF Pilot that was shot down by the Luftwaffe. In the mean time, to get parts for a broken radio, Newkirk fiends a tooth infection, so he will be sent to the dentist in town. Newkirk returns to Stalag 13 with Sgt Shultz,pushing him in a wheel barrel, with Sgt Shultz drunk as a skunk, after Newkirk convinced him to stop in at the bar, and spiked his drink.This almost gets Sgt Shultz sent to the Russian Front.
Happiness Is a Warm Sergeant starts with LeBeau in the woods behind the POW camp, searching for a downed American fighter pilot. He eventually comes into contact with Capt. Jeb Winslow, a member of the 419th Fighter Squadron, a tall man from Texas, who quickly confirms for him the underground’s report that the Germans have earlier shot down his plane near Düsseldorf. Winslow then starts to relate how the Germans have shot him down, but LeBeau interupts him to remind the Captain that Hogan wants him inside the camp ASAP. Soon, the pair are standing inside the woods nearest the camp, watching the guards stand on watch. As they do, Winslow comments that he’s amazed that he is actually going into a POW camp only to escape from it later. LeBeau, after commenting about it, and then making a comment in French, causing Winslow to do a double-take (possibly not realising the French are allies). The matter is soon cleared up and LeBeau quickly leads the Captain towards the entrance to the tunnel. This episode, Happiness Is a Warm Sergeant guest stars Bruce Yarnell as Capt. Jeb Winslow. Sgt. Krebs was played by Norman Alden and Max was played by Norbert Schiller. To read more about Happiness Is a Warm Sergeant please visit the Hogan’s Heroes Fandom Wiki.

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