Hogan’s Heroes Season 1 Episode 10:Top Hat, White Tie and Bomb Sight

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In this episode,Top Hat, White Tie and Bomb Sight, Col Klink wiretaps the barracks of Col Hogan and his crew. Hogan finds the wiretap, and uses it to manipulate col Klink into contacting a member of the underground.
Top Hat, White Tie and Bomb Sight begins with Hogan telling LeBeau to go outside the Barracks and to distract Sgt Shultz , and prevent him from doing his nightly bed check. Hogan and his crew are waiting for a message from London down inside the radio room in the secret tunnel system. Lebeau loads up a tray of strudel and leaves to meet up with Sgt Schultz, and once outside, LeBeau stops Schultz, who asks him why he is still awake and outside the barracks. LeBeau opens up the serving tray, bating the strudel to Schultz, who first sniffs it, then eats a piece. LeBeau convinces Schultz all the prisoners are there, because he himself, already did the bed count. LeBeau gives Schultz the strudel and Sgt Shultz goes on his merry way, into the night. In the mean time, Col Hogan is inside the radio reading the message that Sgt Kinchlo has just decoded. The message basically states that London has lost contact with a particular underground agent, Willie, who works as a waitperson at the Hauserhof hotel in Hammelburg. The Underground can’t use normal channels because they might already be compromised, and they are to tell Willie not to appear at next Thursday’s weapons drop because the Gestapo might be setting up a trap for him. Top Hat, White Tie and Bomb Sight also guest starred Edward Knight as Major Klopfer ,Monroe Arnold as underground agent Willie. Gretchen was played by Sigrid Valdis, and Elsa was played by Thordis Brandt. To read more asbout this episode, please visit Hogan’s Heroes Fandom Wiki

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