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S01E01 The Informer


S01E02 Hold That Tiger

  •  S01E03 Kommandant Of The Year
  • S01E04 The Late Inspector General
  • S01E05 The Flight of the Valkyrie
  • S01E06 The Prisoner’s Prisoner
  • S01E07 German Bridge Is Falling Down.
  • S01E08 Movies Are Your Best Escape
  • S01E09 Go Light on the Heavy Water
  • S01E10 Top Hat White Tie and Bomb Sight
  • S01E11 Happiness Is a Warm Sergeant
  • S01E12 The Scientist
  • S01E13 Hogan’s Hofbrau
  • S01E14 Oil for the Lamps of Hogan
  • S01E15 Reservations Are Required
  • S01E16 Anchors Aweigh Men Of Stalag 13
  • S01E17 Happy Birthday Adolf
  • S01E18 The Gold Rush
  • S01E19 Hello Zolle
  • S01E20 It Takes a Thief Sometimes
  • S01E21 The Great Impersonation
  • S01E22 The Pizza Parlor
  • S01E23 The 43rd A Moving Story
  • S01E24 How to Cook a German Goose by Radar
  • S01E25 Psychic Kommandant
  • S01E26 The Prince From The Phone Company
  • S01E27 The Safecracker Suite
  • S01E28 I Look Better In Basic Black
  • S01E29 The Assassin
  • S01E30 Cupid Comes To Stalag 13
  • S01E31 The Flame Grows Higher
  • S01E32 Request Permission to Escape
    • S01E01 The Informer
      This episode was the pilot, and the only episode to be filmed in Black and White. Lt. Carter, (played by actor Larry Hovis),was brought into the series, as a prisoner that had escaped from another POW camp,and was taken in to Stalag 13, to be processed through the underground, by Col. Hogan and his men. In the mean time, a spy was planted by the Germans, and Col. Hogan and his men decide to show him the whole operation, before turning the tables, and making a fool about of him for reporting their activities to Col. Burkhalter.(In the Next episode, Burkhalter was a General).
    • Season 1 Episode 2:Hold that tiger
    • Col Klink inadvertantly gives away information that the Germans are developing a new Tank. Col Hogan an his crew steal a tank, take it back to Stalag 13, dis-assemble it, blueprint it , and send the information back to the Allied forces.
    • Season 1 Episode 3:Kommandant of the Year
    • Col Hogan and his crew convince Col Klink that he has achieved a High award , and use this distraction to sabotage a local rocket factory.
    • Season 1 Episode 4:The Late Inspector General
    • Col Hogan and his crew are planning to demolish a train packed with ammo, and their plans are disrupted by The Luftwaffe’s Inspector General, who plans on sending Col Klink to Berlin.
    • Season 1 Episode 5:The Flight of the Valkyrie
    • This is the first episode that introduces Col Crittendon as the very short lived highest ranking POW at Stalag 13. He was moved from another POW camp by Klink, just to put Hogan in his place. In the mean time, Col Hogan and his men help a Baroness escape NAZI controlled Germany.
    • Season 1 Episode 6:The Prisoner’s Prisoner
  • Hogan and his men sabotage a very important ammunitions cache, and they also find out the location of a planned attack from a German general.
  • Season 1 Episode 7:German Bridge is Falling Down
  • A british ran bomber raid failed, and
    Hogan and his crew paint graffiti on an ammunition shed, only to be ordered to paint over it, giving them access to the ammunition being stored there. They of course, use this ammo to complete the failed mission.
  • Season 1 Episode 8:Movies Are Your Best Escape
  • A German General visits Stalag 13, and is carrying a briefcase containing secret information. Hogan plans a gourmet dinner held in Col Klink’s private quarters, and Newkirk, as the waiter, steals the briefcase, and photographs it’s contents.
  • Season 1 Episode 9:Go Light on the Heavy Water
  • Hogan’s convinces Col Klink that a secret shipment of heavy water that was intended for nuclear experiments is actually water from the Fountain of Youth. Klink drinks it, thinking he is getting younger, and Hogan and his men successfully foil another nazi plan.
  • Season 1 Episode 10:Top Hat, White Tie and Bomb Sight
    Colonel Klink becomes an unknowing pawn in another on of Hogan’s schemes to make contact with an Allied agent.
  • Season 1 Episode 11:Happiness Is a Warm SergeantThings get out of hand when the prisoners sneak in a Texas Pilot, who was shot down.To get parts for a broken radio, Newkirk fiends a tooth infection, so he will be sent to the dentist in town.He returns to camp with Sgt Shultz, in a wheel barrel, and drunk as a skunk.This almost gets Sgt Shultz sent to the Eastern Front.
  • Season 1 Episode 12:The Scientist –Corperal LeBeau pretends to be a famous French Scientist, while Hogan and his underground smuggles the the real scientist out of Germany , and into England.
    • Season 1 Episode 13:Hogan’s Hofbrau- To get the details and location of a nearby German army unit, Hogan leaves camp to meet informants at a local German hofbrau.
    • Season 1 Episode 14:Oil for the Lamps of Hogan- Hogan and his men convince Klink that Stalag 13 is sitting over a large ammount of petrolium, to avoid the stalag from being closed, and used for other purposes.
    • Season 1 Episode 15:Reservations Are Required- The Hogan’s Heroes crew are faced with an unexpected visit from 20 escapees from another camp, and have to deal with an “over anxious to escape” prisoner who disobeys the orders of Col. Hogan.
    • Anchors Aweigh, Men of Stalag 13-Hogan convinces Col. Klink that he needs an officers club. His men build the officers club, in , not only the shape of the boat, but a real functioning boat. He then gets one of his men to convince Col Klink to have it removed before General Burkhalter sees it, so they can use it in a scheme to get a British officer, and a gunsite to England.
    • Season 1 Episode 17:Happy Birthday, Adolf- Hogan and his crew sabotage a gun emplacement site, so the Allies can attack on Hitler’s birthday.
    • Season 1 Episode 18:The Gold Rush- When they hear that gold had been stolen from France, Col. Hogan convinces Klink to have the Germans store the gold at Stalag 13. Hogan and his crew then exchange the gold bricks with painted clay bricks, and use the painted gold bricks to make a staircase in front of Col. Klinks quarters.
    • Season 1 Episode 19:Hello, Zollie-Hogan detains a German general at Stalag 13 for overnight, long enough to allow the Allies to amass troops. The Plot thickens when a Gestapo officer comes poking his nose into Klink’s perfect record.
    • Season 1 Episode 20:It Takes a Thief… Sometimes-A group of fake underground operatives that Hogan’s crew team up with is turn out to be a group led by a Gestapo captain and his Honeypot scheme. Col hogan reverses the charges by having the captain unwittingly pick up a phone that is wired to blow up a train.
    • Season 1 Episode 21:The Great Impersonation- Col Hogan blackmails Sgt Schultz into portraying Col Klink, so that three of his men that were captured by the Gestapo would be released.
    • Season 1 Episode 22:The Pizza Parlor-Col. Hogan and his men woo an Italian officer (who was defecting) by cooking pizza, and convince him to take pictures of top secret german military munition.
    • Season 1 Episode 23:The 43rd, a Moving Story-Col Hogan got an order from London to take out the 43rd Moblie Anti-Aircraft battery using explosives smuggled in.
    • Season 1 Episode 24:How to Cook a German Goose by Radar-An American corporal, with a bad attitude, tells Hogan he is a general in disguise with a mission to bomb a rocket plant.(Correction comming soon).
    • Season 1 Episode 25:Psychic Kommandant- Hogan and his men convince Colonel Klink that he has ESP in order to steal the plans to a new type of airplane that has a stealth engine.
    • Season 1 Episode 26:The Prince from the Phone Company
      Kinchloe looks enough like an African prince to pretend to be him. The real African prince, Hogan has kidnapped, in order to manipulate the Germans from monies that were meant to establish a submarine base in Africa.
    • Season 1 Episode 27: The Safecracker Suite
      Col Klink re-unites with an old military friend who winds up getting arrested by the Gestapo.
    • Season 1 Episode 28: I Look Better in Basic Black
      Three woman from a musical performance group are being detained at Stalag 13. The crew have no intentions of tunneling to the barracks they are being held in, until they find out that the new prisoners are woman.
    • Season 1 Episode 29: The Assasin
      A German nuclear scientist must be assasinated and Hogan’s heroes are assigned to perform the duty. This plantakes an unexpected twist when the scientist and asks for help in fleeing the Nazi regime.
    • Season 1 Episode 30: Cupid Comes to Stalag 13
      General Burkhalter plays the matchmaker and tries to set up Klink with his not so attractive sister.
    • Season 1 Episode 31: The Flame Grows Higher
      Somewhere along the elaborate, intricate underground escape rout there is a disastrous weak link, Determined to find it, Hogan, Newkirk and Lebeau decide to break out of Stalag 13 by following the escape route themselves.
    • Season 1 Episode 32: Request Permission to Escape
      Jilted by his girlfriend back home, Carter requests permission to escape so that he can somehow woo her back. Hogan agrees—but only if Carter can accomplish one last task of passing bogus battle plans on to the Germans

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