Hogan’s Heroes Quizzes

Please bear with us as we add questions, and build the quiz. Currently we have the easy quiz up and running, and are working on levels with harder questions for the serious fan.

Begin the Hogan’s Heroes Quiz,,,


Congratulations! You are now a member of Hogan’s Elite ! Sgt Kinchlo will be up in a minute to take you down and show you the tunnel system.

Fail! You are a spy planted by the Krauts! Col Hogan is having you sent back to England for trial!


#1. Which member of the crew is in charge of explosives and munitions?

The Correct answer is Sgt Carter. Golly Gee! you forgot me all ready?


#2. Sgt Kinchloe was generally in charge of which of these?


#3. Newkirk was from what country?

Leutenant Newkirk was from England.

Peter Newkirk was born on April 29, 1916 (speculation) in England, of an English father and an Anglo-Welsh mother who is a dancer and artist. He claims to have nine sisters and brothers, but only ever names one of them, a sister named Mavis, who lives in Stepney.


#4. LeBeau, the one who often cooked for the crew, was what rank?

He was a Corperal in the French Army.


#5. What was the first name of Col Hogan?

The Correct Answer is Col Robert E Hogan. You sure you know where your at?


#6. Sgt Kinchloe, in the final season, was replaced by who?

It Was Sgt Richard Baker, played by Kenneth Washington.


#7. What person outranked Col Hogan in one episode?

Colonel Crittendon is the correct answer.



#8. Match the Actor with the Character…Bob Crane:

Col Robert E Hogan was played by actor Bob Crane.

#9. What was the name of the Prisoner of War camp in the series?

The correct answer is Stalag 13.


#10. Who was the kommandant of the Stalag where Hogan’s Heroes took place?

Col Wilhelm Klink is the correct answer.

#11. Who was the Lead Sargeant at the Stalag?

The Correct answert is Sgt Shultz.

#12. Where did the show ‘Hogan’s Heroes’ supposed to have taken place?

In Germany, 1942.

#13. What Barracks did Col Hogan and his men stay in originally?

Barracks 2 was the usual place.


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