Hogan’s Heroes Lunchbox, Thermos and Accessories

I thought I would publish this nostalgic piece of history and at least some pictures of the Hogan’s Heroes Lunchbox, to get things started. These now seem to be worth good deal of money and are valuable to collectors. If I find a good seller of the Hogans Heroes Lunch Box, I will post the links here. Currently I have listed the current Ebay listings for the Hogan’s Heroes lunchbox and thermos.

Created by the company “Aladdin Industries” according to Antique Roadshow’s Rudy Franchi, these would have sold complete with the thermos in 1966 for arond 2.98 USD. Aladdin Industries, who were makers of lunchboxes, stoves, kerosene and electric lamps and thermal storage containers, was founded as the Mantle Lamp Co. of America at Chicago in 1908 by Victor S. Johnson Sr. (1882-1943). The company’s name was later renamed to Aladdin in 1926. Following World War II, the firm moved to Nashville, Tennessee, and then later to Dayton, Ohio.
Today, to some collectors, and depending on the condition, have sold for up to 6oo USD , in 1997. These , like most other collectables, or worth more with the Thermos included. Below are some of the Hogan’s Heroes Lunchbox sets and accessories found at Ebay, the worlds most used and trusted marketplace.
[ebayfeedsforwordpress feed=”http://rest.ebay.com/epn/v1/find/item.rss?keyword=Hogans+Heroes+Lunchbox&sortOrder=PricePlusShippingHighest&programid=1&campaignid=5338591122&toolid=10039&customid=Feed+5&listingType1=All&feedType=rss&lgeo=1″]

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